This is our sweet Otis. He disappeared a month ago today. Our family is so heartbroken over his absence.

I never wanted a cat, didn't think I liked cats, but we got Oatie when he was a cute little 6 week kitten, and our daughter begged for him. I'm actually allergic. This little guy made me laugh, happy when I was down, and brought life back to this house that was way too quiet. Within a very short time, I grew to love him. Having to take allergy meds was a small price to pay for the sweet purr I'd hear whenever I came near him. He wasn't overly affectionate, but somehow he let us know he loved us. Sometimes he would walk by and hit your arm with his face, just to let you know he was there. Even our two dogs fell in love with him, despite the fact he taunted them constantly.

He was a true scaredy cat...afraid of the garbage truck, mowers, loud noises of any kind. When we moved a few months ago, he actually hid in the bathroom cabinets off and on for a week. He did fall in love with our new house, because it's on a lake, and there was so much wildlife for him to watch from our screened porch. He almost never wanted to come inside.

A month ago we had company that brought their baby that was walking and yelling ( with delight), and Oatie was petrified since he wasn't used to being around babies. When they left that night, Otis snuck out the door behind them, and they didn't know he wasn't used to being out. We put missing signs all over our neighborhood, called local vets, talked to all of the neighbors, but no sign of him.

The house again is too quiet and lonely. No soft purring, no grabbing our feet to play. Not much laughter any more. Even our dogs are sad without Oatie there. I still have some hope that he'll return, but we live in an area with much predatory wildlife, and most cats that disappear stay gone. My hope is waning every day. We're heartbroken.

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments, messages of hope and concern. Love all of my sweet friends at Sketch Club.
Wow! Thank you so much for hard earned star, Georgia Lee! I so appreciate you using it on me!! I so appreciate every sweet comment and heart, dear friends! 💕

No,instead for best animal sketch 2017. IM so thrilled and honored! I love this one.

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